FT 001 Fortek Equinox (12") Sold Out!!
FT 002 Fortek Sky Shaper (12") Buy!!
FT 003 Fortek There's No Way That Really Fits There! (12") Buy!!
FT 004 Various Third Deck Trax Vol. 1 (12") Buy!!
FT 005 Literon Switch To Dis! (12") Sold Out!!
FT 006 Steve Azzara In For Deep (12") Buy!!
FT 007 Blakk Earth Blakk Earth (12") Buy!!
FT 008 Literon Interfear (12") Buy!!
FT 009 Steve Azzara Love Bubble (12") Buy!!
FT 010 Literon Flow Koma (12") Buy!!
FT 011 Steve Azzara Nairod / The Zone (12") Sold Out!!
FT 012 Sensurreal Ethor Dyon (12") Buy!!
FT 013 Literon Lock Down (12") Buy!!
FT 014 Literon Machines (12") Buy!!
FT 015 Stefan Tretau Kawaii EP (12") Sold Out!!
FT 017 Luciano Pizzella Space Duster Tape (12") Buy!!
FT 018 Stefan Tretau Hyphen EP (12") Buy!!
FT 019 Internal Sync Dif Dif (12") Buy!!
FT 020 Stefan Tretau Quick & Dirty EP (12") Buy!!

  Quick&Dirty | Bénin
Killi | Killi (Mallmann Rmx)
FT 022 John Lagora Gladiator (12") Buy!!
FT001D John Lagora Trötmoped / They Died (File, MP3) Buy!!
FT002D John Lagora Crisper (File, MP3) Buy!!
FT003D Caie! Waking Life (File, MP3) Buy!!
FT004D John Lagora So Good (File, MP3) Buy!!
FT005D Caie! Lustgarten EP (File, MP3) Buy!!
FT024 Stefan Tretau Bricks EP (12") Buy!!
  Salmonella Remix | Wupfelzup Mix
Full Nelson
FT007D John Dare Dulce Baile EP (File, MP3) Buy!!

  Dulce Baile | Dulce Baile (Haro Rmx)
Dulce Baile (Kramer Rmx)
FT025 Caie! & Lagora Dirty Wings EP (12") Buy!!

  White Wings
Black Wings | Dirty Wings (Bogues Remix)
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